Kids playing with their toys

Best toy stores in Istanbul

Istanbul has some good toy outlets, but you won’t find these stores just anywhere. You might assume that Istanbul’s busy Istiklal Street would have a good toy range, and although it does have a few …

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Shopping in Vietnam, street market

Best supermarkets in Vietnam

Vietnam has become a hub for the adventurous, with budget backpackers and travel bloggers leading the way. In recent years it’s seen an influx of digital nomads, entrepreneurs and young expats looking to explore all …

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Vegetables in a Thailand market

Best supermarkets in Thailand

When shopping centres first opened in Thailand, most people were still buying their groceries in open-air markets. And although you can still purchase most of your groceries on the street today, supermarkets are becoming more …

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Apartment in Dushanbe Tajikistan

Moving to Dushanbe as a foreign family

Considering a move to Dushanbe with your family? While this is not a popular expat destination, you’re not alone.  What type of foreigners typically move to Dushanbe? There are only a few hundred expats in …

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Food from a Turkish supermarket

Best supermarkets in Turkey (2023)

Historically in Turkiye (Turkey), food was bought in local markets and small convenience stores called “bakkals”. Today there are around 90,000 of these small businesses nationwide. These tiny outlets provide food for people in local …

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